Noah Mangwarara is an award-winning Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker with several awards received in Zimbabwe, continentally, and internationally for his work in leadership development across the continent of Africa. Noah is a qualified consultant with over 20 years of experience in Training & Development, Human Resources, Strategy workshop Facilitation, Leadership Training, and Team Building Facilitation at all levels. He is a livewire Conference Facilitator, Strategy Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and seasoned Trainer having spoken widely in the areas of Motivation, Leadership, and Management in Zimbabwe, Southern, East, Central, and West Africa.

  • Noah is the Executive Director of Noah’s Ark School of Leadership that has trained leaders in business, political, spiritual, and communities across the continent of Africa;
  • Noah is the President of the Positive Impact Movement. This is a Youth Leadership Development initiative that has a presence in a number of African Countries including but not limited to Zimbabwe, Kenya, DRC, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia, etc.
  • Noah trains for a number of Training establishments both in Zimbabwe including the Institute of Personnel Management in Zimbabwe, Institute of Auditors (Zim), ACCA Zimbabwe, ZAMFI, Management Training Bureau, Institute of Credit Management in Zimbabwe, and the Institute of Diplomacy.
    Noah also trains with a number of Training Establishments across the continent including Youth in Africa (Kenya), Leadership Insights International (Nigeria), Church Management Institute (Uganda), Inclusive South Africa, etc.
  • Noah sits on a number of Leadership Development Boards in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda.
  • Noah has been a Training Manager for Starafricacorporation where he trained in different commercial areas including Strategy, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Team Building, Sales, and Customer Service amongst other soft skills programmes. Read More

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Our standard team-working and team building session addresses the following amongst other things

  • Teambuilding: the art of working better together
  • Foundations for effective teams
  • Team development stages
  • Team failure and success factors
  • Forming great teams
  • Communication, cohesion and collaboration
  • Exploring team leadership and followership
  • Expectations of me, others, and this team
  • Great teams operating principles
  • Action planning: ways to work better together

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