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They are going to assess you according to their standards; standards which are mediocre at times. When you make progress, they may see it as an unworthy achievement but you know better as to how much you have put in. Because they are not gifted like you are, they may discourage you from pursuing a particular cause. Others are so jealous because of your progress that they would rather have you down. ln all these cases and many more, choose to become the biggest fan of your talent. Believe in the person called YOU, and play with your heart out. lt is your life, after all, it was never theirs. Celebrate the small wins even if no one does. Those wins added together consistently over the long haul lead to real greatness and impact.

l respect the winner in you.
l cherish the difference maker that you are.
Be the biggest fan of this unique contributor called YOU.

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach; Strategy & Conference Facilitator; Motivational Speaker; Team Biuilding & Executive Coach with footprints of positive impact across the continent.

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