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Team building activities and games are done to bring the team together with the ultimate aim of enhancing productivity. Games and activities are not merely done for the sake of playing but each game, whether indoor or outdoor is chosen to address an aspect of the team. Teams differ in size, orientation, spatial distribution, age range and objectives to be met. It is an anomaly therefore to just assemble people together and subject them to several activities and games without firstly assessing the dynamics of each team. Most team building sessions are regarded as ineffective because of the haphazard approach that is adopted by some service providers.

What team activities do you offer?

We are always requested by clients who enquire about our services to send them a list of team activities that we offer. The misconception is that team building is all about an off the shelf selection of activities that can be applied to everyone whether its a High School Team, Marketing Team in a Company, Project Team or Church related team. We respond to the request for the list of team building activities by asking a number of questions that assist us in determining the exact requirements before proffering a solution. The activities of a team building nature are a thousand and one but they cannot all be used to any and every team. The team activities depend on number of team members, where the event is happening and the goal that the team wants to achieve. Each activity we engage upon has lessons that ought to be applied back into the workplace.

Team Prison Break Team Building activity being explained Coaches from Noah’s Ark

Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Games and Activities

Team building is not only limited to outdoor sessions. A full day team building session can effectively be done indoor as long as the objectives can fully be met. In as much as the outdoor activities can easily break down the silos, there is equally a lot of activities and team related presentations with the same effect. A blend of both presentations, indoor activities and outdoor brings an all embracing approach to building a formidable team. At Noah’s Ark, we appreciate the uniqueness of each team such that there aren’t two team building sessions that follow the same format. We cherish diversity and bring inclusivity in everything that we do.

Noah Mangwarara presenting to ZIMRA Research, Research & Innovation Team

In a highly dynamic world, the building of winning teams is a must to any organisation that seeks relevance and significance into the foreseable future. If the team doesn’t adapt to change then total demise will come sooner rather than later.

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach; Strategy & Conference Facilitator; Motivational Speaker; Team Biuilding & Executive Coach with footprints of positive impact across the continent.

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