Great strategy sessions do not happen by accident. They are a function of commitment and indepth thinking by the Strategy Facilitator, whether internal or external. Thorough planning coupled with focused and passionate execution during the course of the session are key to producing the intended results.

In as much as running the session on your own seems ideal, an external strategy facilitator brings to the fore a different viewpoint that makes the whole process worthwhile. Naturally, human beings are habitual, with a tendency to do things in the same manner. Unfortunately, the same results are obtainable. This explains why some entities have faltered even though they were conducting Strategy Sessions year in, year out.

Strategy is highly futuristic but at times, greater part of the session is consumed focusing on the past, pointing fingers and arguing, instead of focusing on what the future holds. In as much as the past provides a launch pad upon which the future is built, real and impactful strategy should be preoccupied with the future than the past. After all, the organisation and it’s people will spend the rest of it’s life in the future from now henceforth. The words of Marth Rogers come in handy on this respect when he said; “When your headlights aren’t on, the best rearview mirror isn’t likely to improve your driving.” You do not drive a car at 120km per hour whilst looking on the rearview mirror greater part of the time, you crash. There is no negotiation on this one.

Noah’s Ark prides in having a team of experienced strategy facilitators and coaches who have been exposed to different industries ranging from Mining, to Banking, Heavy Manufacturing, Higher Education, Government and Quasi Government entities amongst others. Ours is not a straightjacket approach to Strategy Facilitation but we engage the client before and after the strategy workshops with the aim of making a lasting contribution to the success of every entity we get into contact with. As Stephen Cover would say; “Begin with the end in mind.” We are convinced that when the Strategy is formulated well, the rest will fall in place with guaranteed success being the result.

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach; Strategy & Conference Facilitator; Motivational Speaker; Team Biuilding & Executive Coach with footprints of positive impact across the continent.

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