It is not about POSSESSIONS but fulfilment of PURPOSE.

It is not about POSITIONS but PASSIONATE EXECUTION in your line of calling.

It is not about the PLEASURE of the PAST and PRESENT but contributing to POSTERITY.

It is not about PRIDE and SHOW OFF but PRODUCTIVITY and SERVING one’s generation.

It is not about PETTY things but the PURSUIT of worthwhile thiings.

It is not about POWER but total EMPOWERMENT of others.

It is not about the PAY you receive but PAYING THE PRICE.

It is not about GETTING but GIVING.

It is all about DONATING your all for the betterment of the human spirit than mere DURATION of your days on earth.

#NoahMangwarara #PositivelylmpactingHumanity

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach; Strategy & Conference Facilitator; Motivational Speaker; Team Biuilding & Executive Coach with footprints of positive impact across the continent.

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