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We are uniquely endowed with different gifts and talents. As various resources, physical or otherwise, pass through our lives, they are not for display or show off but for the benefit of humanity. We received so that we give unto others. We have wisdom so that we dispense such of such wisdom for the good of civilization.
Whatever your gift, use it for the good of the space you occupy. There is no need to boast for what you have been freely given. With a humble heart, strive at being a good steward of all you are and have.
Each one gives what they have. An orange tree produces oranges and the world never expects it to produce bananas. Peter and John, without money in their pockets, as they approached the beggar by the beautiful gate, gave what they had. From the much you are given, from that much, much is expected of you.

Noah Mangwarara is a Leadership Coach; Strategy & Conference Facilitator; Motivational Speaker; Team Biuilding & Executive Coach with footprints of positive impact across the continent.

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